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The city of Alarium is all Elly has ever known. After her mother's passing, she becomes overwhelmed with the mundane aspects of her life ; She's tired of answering to her sister, cleaning the house and trudging through her spellwork. Elly decides to run away and leaves it all behind. Once grown up, she realizes why she needed to stay in Alarium - to protect her family and her world. Help Elethera realize her power and help fight monsters, solve puzzles, heal trees, and more!

Gameplay Info:

Walk: Arrow Keys
Select: Enter/Spacebar
Menu: X or ESC

Total Run Time: 1.5-2 hours

About the Creator:

When You Wander is a turn based RPG, heavily influenced by some of my favorite RPGs! I recently found out about RPG Maker, so I wanted to create a game of my own. I am a  full time video editor and building this game was actually very similar to video editing, so this was a very fun experience for me. Please play for free, the creation of this game is not intended for profit, but for fun, and is built with default in-game and unclearable assets.

Kokoro Reflections

Terrax Lighting


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When You Wander
When You Wander

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Hello...! Not sure if my comment will be seen... Uhm! Your game looks very interesting! I was excited to play it, however... When I opened the game, it said there was a bug and to press F5 to reload. This didn't do anything unfortunately... I just can't get the game to start... ^^" Is there anything I could do to get it fixed? :o


Deleted 1 year ago

Hello AMC! I'm so sorry you tried to play and there was a bug! I've fixed the bug now and hopefully you're still interested in playing. thanks! :)

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Hello! Thank you so much for the reply, I very much appreciate the effort for fixing the bug. C: I'll be trying out your game as soon as I find some time, it looks super interesting and I am curious to discover the world within. ^///^



Ive only played the very beginning and the funny part is that I accidentally sold one carrot to the blacksmith and couldn't get enough carrots to make a carrot cake. By no means to obtain more carrots, I had to start all over. This game is super stylish and delicate in details!


Oh no! Thanks for the feedback! I should probably make food unsellable in the beginning, haha. 


Thank you for making this game! Saved me from quarantine. Feel free to delete my previous comment as it spoils a bit about the game.


Hey, I played the game, it was pretty fun. Congratulations!


That's so awesome to hear, thank you for playing!